About Us

Ed Open TrophySo there I was… tied for the US Open lead… until the championship actually started and I watched it unfold from the media center.

This fun photo at Merion in 2013 is just a reminder that most days I’m a poser… not a player. But the fact that most of us will never qualify for a national championship doesn’t stop us from trying to get better, including the search for the magic wand — that putter, wedge or driver that will make all the difference and send us careening down the road to better golf.

I created this site with that in mind. Let’s have a little fun… talk some golf… find some bargains… and go broke together trying to buy some game.

Some of the links to these deals are affiliate links, the commissions from which keep this site going and provide a little extra change for green fees. Other links are not. I am committed to posting all worthwhile deals here no matter where they’re from. If you appreciate the effort, I ask that you check back daily … click through if you intend to make a purchase … and tell your golfing friends.

Have some thought on what you’d like to see here… or find a deal that I missed? By all means use the “contact” link at the top of the page to get in touch with me.

Thanks for checking us out … and enjoy the journey that golf is taking you on!




Ed is a morning news anchor for KYW Newsradio 1060 in Philadelphia, and a golf addict who currently carries a 5 handicap.  But he claims when it comes to finding golf deals he’s scratch or better. Either that or he’s really cheap.