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Ed’s Blog: Pinehurst Bucket List Trip

Truth be told, I don’t have a big golf bucket list.  Living on the east coast, I’ve been blessed to play several world class courses in the last 30 years, including Pine Valley, Merion and Oakmont.  They’re all wonderful, and great golf never gets old, but I’m honestly at the point where I get almost as big a kick out of playing an old muni, and am especially fond of 9 hole courses.

But I have always wanted to give Pinehurst #2 a go, and this summer decided to finally follow through and give it a shot.  Continue Reading →

Ed’s Blog: Thank God For Birdie Balls

This is about the time each winter when these little golf practice devices that look like napkin rings keep me sane … Continue Reading →

Ed’s Blog: Does The Weight Of a Carry Bag Matter?

Sun Mountain KG2 Stand BagRock Bottom Golf’s 25% Off Bag Blowout has me wondering if it is time for a new bag.

But first, I would love to hear your opinion on two key questions about stand bags … Continue Reading →

Ed’s Blog: The Ladies Flex Laboratory

Red TeesOK, so this softer shaft flex thing is taking a while to flush out…  Continue Reading →

Ed’s Blog: You’re Killin’ Me, Golf…

Red TeesThis is the story of how the next 9 holes I play — with women’s clubs — could turn my golf world upside down…  Continue Reading →

Ed’s Blog: Why Fairway Woods Are Evil

No Fairway Woods SignThe answer is “because I said so.”

But I’m guessing you’re after more than that, so here we go. This week’s Callaway Preowned flash sale on hybrids and fairways  appears to be just another nasty little plot to encourage me to give fairways another try. Been there, done that.

Every Spring, I say this is going to be the year I get over my mental block. And every year, I put fairways in my bag for one or two rounds… until the inevitable happens: Continue Reading →

Ed’s Blog: Heavenly Heavenwoods

Callaway Heavenwood HybridToday’s featured Callaway BOGO deal is right up my alley.  I’m a big fan of Callaway Hybrids, although my taste is for one of their earlier ones — the Callaway Heavenwood.

My love affair with these started with the 4h — it was beautiful… with high, soaring shots that landed like the proverbial butterfly with sore feet.  So I bought the 2h.  Liked that, and then … Continue Reading →