Ed’s Blog: Does The Weight Of a Carry Bag Matter?

Sun Mountain KG2 Stand BagRock Bottom Golf’s 25% Off Bag Blowout has me wondering if it is time for a new bag.

But first, I would love to hear your opinion on two key questions about stand bags …

First… what are the most important qualities in a carry bag? Total weight? Or is that trumped by comfortable straps and good balance?

Second… what is your favorite brand of bag?

This comes after a stretch when I have carried more than I usually do…and I have to admit I really enjoyed it. I have a very light bag — the Ping Mit-E Lite — with some straps I borrowed from another Ping bag. They don’t make this bag any more, but I like the light weight and it does pretty well on a cart. But I wonder if I can do better.

I would appreciate reading your feedback below … before you head back to the home page and continue shopping. Thanks!  And check this spot Monday.  We’ll be giving away free golf to one of you in a warmer area who can use it within the next week.

  • Dean Marino

    I have a ping hoofer

  • But if I take away 5, I’ll only have 19 to use! Just kidding. You and Dean think along the same lines. Also helps you learn to hit some golf shots, doesn’t it?

  • Mike

    My Callaway Hyperlite 3.0 is a great bag. Not really big enough for a full set, but I don’t normally carry 14 when I’m walking anyway. 8-10 clubs works just fine.

    The most important qualities in a stand bag, for me, are the straps/balance of the bag followed by the overall weight. But taking away 5 clubs and keeping only 6 balls in my bag helps solve any weight problems. It took a few minutes to get the straps where I want, and now it fits like a glove.

    I’d like to see a company take a lesson from the camping world and create a golf bag similar to a hiking pack with straps and clips to better distribute the weight of the bag.

  • Dean Marino

    I currently have a Ping Hoofer but I’m in the market for something new. I’m not a huge fan of the straps on the hoofer.

  • Have you tried calling Nike? I have never heard what their customer service is like, but some of the other manufacturers go out of their way to keep people happy. Couldn’t hurt.

  • mberko12 .

    I too wanted a bag with 14 full dividers because I was tired of shoving clubs into one spot. So I bought a 2013 Nike air hybrid stand bag from budget golf a few months ago. The 2013 version was virtually identical to 2014 bag with the full 14 dividers. I do like the bag a lot but one of my dividers has already torn and I only play once every 2 weeks. It was $139 happy with it but bummed it already tore.

  • Nate: I like the colors on those Nike bags. And it looks like the price is getting close. At TGW, for example, the Air Hybrid Stand Bag goes down to $159.96 with their 20% off sale. Believe it is the new model: http://www.tgw.com/customer/category/product.jsp/SUBCATEGORY_ID/58317/PROD_ID/57164427?SITE_ID=A2004&CID=PLA&gclid=CjwKEAiA9qCnBRCb7ZDhvaHSyicSJABGFFHtXRtd1qQZkhnnfl_TulSOI8yeB8e7U9KSjHpIXx0cqxoCLybw_wcB

  • nate

    I still have the Top Flight stand bag from the full set of golf clubs (I’ve since replaced its contents with better clubs) I got when I started golfing about 4 years ago. While it’s gotten the job done so far, it’s starting to fall apart. I have friends with various brands of bags, but one has a Nike Performance hybrid with 14 full length dividers from a couple years ago, and they are really nice. I’m currently waiting for my current bag to fall apart or for the new Nike air hybrid bags to go below $150 (whichever comes first).

    Even though we mostly used carts last summer, I still walk occasionally, and nothing is more annoying than a poorly balanced bag.

  • PJ: I almost pulled the trigger on a Titleist stand bag with the 14-way top a couple of years ago. Great looking bag. But I didn’t buy it. Now, it seems like quite a few manufacturers are pushing new “hybrid stand bags” this year with those dividers, including the Ping Hoofer 14. I could be wrong, but I don’t ever recall a Ping stand bag with a 14-way top before.

  • pjevans

    The weight of the bag is important, but for me – it comes down to the dividers.
    I’ve gotten spoiled over the years and won’t ever buy another bag without the 14 individual dividers. Some have them at the top – but not all the way down. I was a loyal TaylorMade bag owner for years – until they quit doing that.
    So…in response to your question – weight is a factor, but if you’re going to load it down with a couple dozen balls, jacket, sunscreen, tools, etc – then it doesn’t matter how light the bag is. I agree with Dean, the straps are key too. Comfort and evenly balancing the load is paramount. I won’t look at anything except the dual strap for carry bags.

  • What brand of carry bag do you have, Dean?

  • Dean Marino

    I personally think that it is a mix of both weight and the straps. There is nothing worse than straps that are hard to get on and off but if the bag is too heavy that stinks too. This past season I decided to take out all of the even number clubs which helped even more with carrying my bag. So if I had to pick one or the other I would say straps and comfort over the bag being lighter.