Ed’s Blog: The Ladies Flex Laboratory

Red TeesOK, so this softer shaft flex thing is taking a while to flush out… 

Several months ago, I posted how an innocent swing with my wife’s 5-iron sent me careening down a path experimenting with softer flex clubs. I figured I’d be back to you with an update in a few weeks bragging that I had found the next best thing to Hogan’s secret… or declare the experiment a total disaster. Unfortunately, in the life of a golf club ho, nothing is ever that easy.

I had been using a set of Ping i5 irons with regular flex graphite (well, they were really stiff flex soft-stepped three times, but that’s another can of worms I’d rather not open here). So I obtained another set of i5 heads and stumbled on some Ping ladies shafts dirt cheap at GolfShaftsDepot.com.   Down to the basement I went …  expoxied them in, extended them to a half-inch over men’s standard length, my usual spec, and the result was one sweet feeling set of clubs. And they still are. They’re a touch lighter, but they are a blast to play — they simply make the game feel easy. The fall flies a little higher, and they feel outstanding.  They’re not hook and slice machines, and I actually put together several very respectable rounds with them.  The contrarian in me also savors the idea of using shafts that would make the average macho player gag.

Unfortunately, there were two issues: trying to power a ball out of the rough was not happening with these… and on days when my tempo was a bit off, I was getting no help at all from the light overall weight of the clubs.  So I tried senior flex.  No better…and while I don’t have a frequency meter, I swear the ladies shafts are stiffer.

So I’m back where I started… sort of. The original i5’s are back in the bag, with the addition of a Titleist 910 5-hybrid in ladies flex that is just too good to banish to the basement. But most of my older Heavenwood hybrids have not made their way back into the starting lineup. That’s because I went through a 3-day Ping Retro kick (with some old Eye 2+ irons) that revealed to me what kind of recovery shots I have been missing in all these years since I took all my long irons out of the bag.  Who knew?!!!!

More on that next time.  Pardon me while I go chase my tail.  Again.


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