Ed’s Blog: Heavenly Heavenwoods

Callaway Heavenwood HybridToday’s featured Callaway BOGO deal is right up my alley.  I’m a big fan of Callaway Hybrids, although my taste is for one of their earlier ones — the Callaway Heavenwood.

My love affair with these started with the 4h — it was beautiful… with high, soaring shots that landed like the proverbial butterfly with sore feet.  So I bought the 2h.  Liked that, and then … went the other way, adding a 5h.  And then a 6h.  Even bought a 7h and used it for awhile, but I have since taken it out of the bag.  But most rounds the longest iron in my bag is a 7-iron.

I love their versatility, and, yes, I can knock them down when I have to on a windy day.   What’s more, the uniflex steel shaft feels like it was designed for me.  I know that shaft doesn’t get a lot of love, but I think it’s perfect for a smooth tempo and a great complement to the head design of this particular hybrid.   Hybrids can be finicky, so what works for me might not for you… but rest assured that my Heavenwood hybrids are certainly not “hook machines” and specialize in high and straight.  Not a bad combination, is it?

Eds Bag 3

In fact, the biggest drawback of my setup is having a bag full of headcovers.  I just have to get a little creative with that.  But that’s a small price to pay for those of us who no longer have the “bomb” part of bomb-and-gouge golf!

What about fairway woods, you ask?  Two words:  evil bastages.    But that’s another story for another day.

— Ed Abrams

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