Ed’s Blog: Why Fairway Woods Are Evil

No Fairway Woods SignThe answer is “because I said so.”

But I’m guessing you’re after more than that, so here we go. This week’s Callaway Preowned flash sale on hybrids and fairways  appears to be just another nasty little plot to encourage me to give fairways another try. Been there, done that.

Every Spring, I say this is going to be the year I get over my mental block. And every year, I put fairways in my bag for one or two rounds… until the inevitable happens:

I take the club back to the top … my left hand spasms and clutches the wood in a death grip, and my usually smooth swing turns into something that is actually quite hard to describe — going in several different directions at once. The result is usually a ground ball to third base off the heel of the club. Now, I’m not the best golfer in the world but I’m not bad — currently a 5 — and I just can’t accept those kind of misses. Hooks or the occasional slice? No big deal, they’re part of the game. Chili dip a wedge? I don’t like it, but I get over it. But ground balls? They’re deal breakers.

Then I look across a fairway and see high handicappers ripping their fairway woods. A friend of mine was just telling me this morning about his new RBZ Stage 2 3-wood that has re-energized his game. My son John, who has Down Syndrome and plays very well despite his disability (more on him some other time) just rips his fairways long and straight with a pretty baby draw. Sometimes it seems to me that everybody in the world can hit a fairway wood well… except Ed-who-can’t-get-out-of-his-head.

But most days I’m okay with that. As I explained yesterday, I love my hybrids, I really do. And sometimes I’ll carry two drivers, one of them with 13* of loft for long par 3’s. But then along comes this BOGO from Callaway Preowned, which means I can experiment with a couple of new clubs that might not be so insidious… for ridiculously low prices.

Must…. resist…

If you have any advice that actually might help, I’m all ears.  Just register and fire away.


About the author:  Ed Abrams is the owner/operator of DealTrackerGolf.com and an admitted club ho who is convinced he’s one magic wand away from getting to scratch.

  • Hi, Doug. I can stay relaxed. Until I get to the top and then all hell breaks loose! The obvious problem is lack of trust…which stems from the fact that when I took up golf my favorite club was a 2-iron, which I just killed… straight as an arrow. Never needed to hit a fairway wood. Of course, the 2-iron eventually went south and hybrids have bailed me out. But I envy you and everyone else who can hit those fairway wood bombs, including my son. But then, he swings without fear. I don’t!

  • Douglas Mael

    Paul gives some good advice in his video tip on hitting fairway woods; however, I find it pretty long-winded and somewhat complicated. Here is my simple advice on hitting your fairway woods successfully:
    1. Stay relaxed and swing naturally and smoothly (tension is a killer, especially when trying to hit a fairway wood from off the turf),
    2. “Sweep” the ball off the ground with that smooth, body-oriented (never hands-oriented) swing.
    There you go – plain and simple. If this doesn’t work for you, perhaps you are a candidate for a 16* to 18* lofted fairway hybrid (the Wishon 775 Series comes immediately to mind).

  • Auburngrad, Did you really have to go and reply, just as I was fighting off the urge to dive in again??!!!! Sounds promising… I might have to give one a shot, thanks.

  • Auburngrad

    I was in the same boat as your were, until this year. I finally found a club that suits me, and fills the void in my bag between the driver and 3/4 iron. I am actually comfortable with the traditional long irons, and can play them well, so I never made the jump to hybrids.
    But, I also never had a fairway wood that I could hit well. Last year I won a gift certificate to the proshop, and decided to start trying some new woods, as I had recently upgraded the irons. I was still playing with the set I went to college with.
    Anyways, I tried everything that came out this year or last, from the major manufacturers. I was not finding anything that felt right to me, and my swing. Sure, I might connect every now and then, but it just felt awkward. I have no brand loyalty, as I am playing TM irons, Callaway Rzr Fit Xtreme driver.
    I had round up all the clubs that fit what I was looking for, and even added a TM hybrid and a previous season Baffler from Cobra. I was just about to head out, with no luck, and figure it was another season of playing the long irons, and not getting as close to the greens as I might have liked. Then the tour pro came over, asked what I was looking for, and why I didn’t like what I had tried. He knew I had been swinging a lot of clubs. He told me to try the Cobra BioCell, he adjusted it down to the 13.5* setting and back to swinging I went.
    Personally, this was the club I have been looking for a long time. I love it on the Par 5’s and any long par 3’s that they really strech it to make a Par 3. It filled a hole in my bag that has been there for a long time. It feels the most natural to swing, I leave the perfect divot almost every time.
    Not sure if you’ve tried it, but its worth a shot.